1. Realism   Each "Fleur Eternelle" starts from a real flower. Using our patented reproduction system called "Bio-Art Flower", the petal of a real flower is processed and the computer images, both the front and the back, are reproduced on a single layer of fabric.

The traditional methods of our competitors address the back side of the flower petal, by allowing the dyes or inks to bleed through the fabric, making the back side of the flower petal, a poor mirror image of the front. This saves on costs, but at detrimental price to the realistic appearance of the petals and the flower as a whole.

In addition, the number of flower petal shapes provided by traditional methods are limited by the number of die-cut molds for each flower and the cost of die-cut molds limits the number of petal shapes per flower.

At Botanical Image Creation, Inc., fabrics are cut by advanced laser cutting machines. No more die-cut molds and no more limit on the number of petal shapes per flower.

2. Color   Using our patented reproduction system, the number of colors used to reproduce a flower's petal image are in the millions. This allows Botanical Image Creation, Inc. to capture a wider range of tonal values and it is truly an exponential jump that your eyes will appreciate.

Fleur Eternelle

2. Color (continued)   The traditional methods of our competitors are limited to a small number of colors per flower. Not only this, their methods of silkscreening and hand painting have a high unit cost that is directly related to the number of colors per flower and the cost of their products. Using their methods, a million colors would literally mean a million dollars.

3. Scent   Working with Galimard, one of the oldest and most respected fragrance companies in Glasse, France, Osamu was able to create the natural and unique scents for each "Fleur Eternelle" flower.

Our competitors leave it up to your imagination.

Botanical Image Creation, Inc. believes that to insure the highest product quality, the number of "Fleur Eternelle" flowers will be available in limited numbers. Our main goal is "quality" and "not quantity".

Enjoy the privilege of owning the world's finest artificial flower ever made. "Fleur Eternelle", a rarity in today's world of mass produced mediocrity.