Osamu Honjo,AIFD


Osamu Honjo was born in Japan in 1951. As a child, Osamu developed a deep appreciation for the beauty he found in Japanese floral arrangements, however, when it came time to attend college he enrolled and then graduated from the National Technical College of Civil Engineering.  After graduating Osamu decided to pursue his first passion, the passion of Japanese floral arrangements.

Osamu started his apprenticeship at the Flower Shop Aoyama Hanamo, located in the upscale section of downtown Tokyo. He studied for seven years and learned the "Ikebana Art of Floral Design". His training taught him well, because soon he was teaching the 600 year old art of Ikebana, and the more recent form of Ikebana, the Moribana Style, as a Third Degree Master Teacher at the Ohara School.

His desire to further express himself in his art, moved him to the United States in 1979, where he worked for one of the most established floral design shops in Hollywood, California. His designs and arrangements soon adorned the homes, offices, and studios of the area. In 1985, after six years in the United States, Osamu started his own business "Floral Decor by Osamu". Given the freedom and responsibility of owning a business, Osamu entered and won numerous national and international floral competitions. With his expanding celebrity, he started lecturing and teaching his design techniques at many cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. His expertise expanded into weddings and took him to Europe.

After winning the National Silk Flower Competition in 1985,
Osamu's involvement in the artificial flower industry began. He provided consulting services to major manufacturing companies located in China and an importing company in United States, where he developed new, innovative, and creative floral and greenery product lines, designed showroom displays, and pieces that were featured in major industry trade magazines. Today, Osamu's evolvement has blended his artisan craft of natural floral arrangements with leading-edge technologies for silk flower fabrication to create Fleur Eternelle, the "Eternal Flower".


  • 1988 FTD World Cup Competition United States Finalist
  • 1985 Selo Cup National Silk Flower Contest Winner
  • 1984 Society of American Florist Sylvia Cup Award Winner
  • 1984 FTD America's Cup District Winner
  • 1983 California's Top Ten Designers
  • 1982 California's Top Ten Designers


  • American Institute of Floral Designers
  • Ikebana International